Configuring Flask-Graphite

How to configure Flask-Graphite?

You can configure Flask-Graphite through the Flask application’s configuration.

The FLASK_GRAPHITE_ namespace will be fetched from the application’s configuration and used as Flask-Graphite own configuration.

Configuration keys

Here is a succinct list of different options available, and their respective meanings.

NAME Default Description
FLASK_GRAPHITE_HOST localhost The host of the carbon-aggregator installation.
FLASK_GRAPHITE_PORT 2023 The port of the carbon-aggregator installation.
FLASK_GRAPHITE_PREFIX   A prefix that will be prepended to all metrics.
FLASK_GRAPHITE_GROUP flask-graphite A string that will be added between the host and the actual metric name to generate the complete metric name.
FLASK_GRAPHITE_AUTORECONNECT True Automatically try to reconnect to graphite server.
FLASK_GRAPHITE_METRIC_TEMPLATE url_rule The Flask request’s attribute that should be used to generate the metric name.


Any parameter accepted by the graphitesend client is also valid when prefixed with FLASK_GRAPHITE_.