Gathered metrics

After each request, some metrics are sent to carbon. Each metrics uses the after_request hooks to be compute and send the good value.

A different metric is used for each route of the application.

Metric format

The URL Rule matched by the requested is parsed to create the route part of the metric.

The parsing happens on the URI of the URL Rule. Each converter within this URI is replaced with its variable name and the slash characters are replaced with dot characters. Below are some examples of such transformations:

matched URI corresponding route part
/foo foo

In addition to this route part, a suffix is used depending on the metric sent. These parts are covered in the next section.

List of the gathered metrics

In this section, <route> refer to the route part as described in the previous section. the <status_code> placeholed represents the status code sent in response, to the request, and the <status_type> is simply the first digit of the status code.

name metrics value
processing time <route>.pt The processing time of the route
number of request <route>.count The number of request received on this route
size of request <route>.size The size of the response for this route
status code <route>.status_code.<status_code> A counter for each status_code received
status type <route>.status_type.<status_type>XX A counter for each type of status code (eg. 2XX)